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h) Shops: Kanishka (excellent and very high quality and very reasonably priced leather goods but way out there shirts and trousers – a bit too avant garde for us, we also got a great exchange rate for dollars to soms here); Ulugbek Khalmuradov (met the designer/ architect himself, very interesting, designs some great silver and gold jewelry, not too badly priced; wish we had more time to spend with him); Human Wear (clothing and bags, her own as well as those of local designers; over-hyped and overpriced and a bit shrewd - quoted us very unfavourable som rate when we asked for the price in som); Abul Kassim madrassah (a lot of high quality wood work, some nice quality ceramics from Ferghana, which we should have bought; one of the best miniaturists we saw in Uzbekistan can be reached at +99890 956 1770 (I forget his name which we have on a card in Cyrillic and so can't read) we saw or in cell or Hujra no. 8 at Abbul Kassim Madrassah. We bought an exquisite, delicately made piece called “Illahi Mohabbet” or “Godly Love” – a Sufi theme - from the artist (he shares the Hujra with another friend/ student who is also good but typically copies miniatures whereas this artist actually designs his own.) Expect to pay several hundred dollars for a high quality piece. We saw the work of a few different miniaturists in Bukhara but found the colours, theme and workmanship of the Tashkent artist the best. We should have bought ikats at Tsum Department store – apparently the place where locals buy reasonably priced ikats from a diverse range.


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