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e had sufficient time for what we did but what we later understood from Murat Sarsenov (who we ran into in Bukhara but is based out of Tashkent) who runs a bespoke craft touring agency Charming Orient (only available for contact through FaceBook, mobile +998 911348647 or email that Samarkand was the centre of culture and riches during the ancient times and has a plethora of interesting activities and mastercraftsmen one can visit. He was truly able to provide us a big picture and context to the history of Samarkand and Bukhara during a short 10 minute walk when he walked us over from Abdulvahid’s home in Bukhara to the main plaza, something neither of our guides in either Samarkand or Bukhara was able to do for us. Too bad we didn’t meet Murat earlier. We had a guide Valentina for 2 days. I would give her 3.5 stars because she really was nice but talked non-stop, which didn't give us enough time to just explore on our own, soak in the environment and reflect. However, she’s a lovely old lady with a great sense of humour and very energetic. I found her fun but my husband got tired of her talking.


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