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a) Places we saw: Registon, Gur Emir mausoleum, Bibi Khanum Mosque (lovely but dilapidated and very few crowds), Afrasiab (very worthwhile to visit the museum, make it a point to pay a little extra to see the 10-minute English documentary before you go to the viewing gallery where the ancient murals have been restored); Ulugbek Observatory (very interesting from a scientific point of view) Shah-i-Zinda necropolis (we loved it); Tomb of Saint Daniel (very quiet and atmospheric); Koni Ghil village (nice but could have easily skipped this one unless you are interested in seeing paper-making from mulberry); the old plane trees (over 1000 years old trees) garden close to Urghut in a village at the border of Tajikistan (lovely, atmospheric, many trees, cool natural spring and small limpid pools, picnicking locals and schoolchildren)


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