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On the way from Samarkand to Sentob we stopped at Jezz-ak (actually it is spelt with an "i" rather than "e" and hyphen but Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor seem to consider the word an expletive! The town has several restaurants on the highway. Go to the one that has a massive outdoor space under the trees with benches and tables and tons of people ordering food and eating. Decent vegetarian there. (Read my previous posting on vegetarian food to see what you can find there)

Sentob village: 2 days at Rakhima and Gulmorad’s homestay. What a lovely place! Rakhima's place came with 4 bedrooms sharing one toilet and one shower. There was one more homestay on rent at Sentob, which looked bigger, with a lovely shaded garden by a running stream and perhaps more professionally run but Rakhima's was the first house that started the ecotourism and her kids were simply lovely to play with and Rakhima herself was incredibly personable even though she only spoke a few words of English. Our driver Akbar did his best translating and it was sufficient. All meals were included in the rate. Rakhima's house has a cool garden with mulberry and walnut trees all over. When we walked through the village and surrounding hills in Sentob, all the villagers and children were so excited to interact with us, share their drying mulberries etc. My husband had a blast playing volleyball and football with the children (who can run up and down the hills like mountain goats) and I, singing nursery rhymes with Rakhima's kids. There are activities one can do here but I just recommend exploring on your own. You don't really get lost going off on long walks through the hills and smelling fragrant wild herbs because the villagers can all point the homestay to you. We also visited the 10,000-year old (or older) petroglyphs by the mountain stream with a guide, just a 2-3 hour walk and munched several mulberries, cherries, apricots off trees. This is the place to try the most delicious white mulberries (that are sometimes dried to make a crunchy, sweet treat), salted village almonds, walnuts so fresh that they taste sweet, small crunchy wild apples. The food Rakhima cooked was scrumptious and all vegetarian since that's what we requested.


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