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Post by Admin on 24.07.16 8:15

Shopping: the shopping in Bukhara especially in the Trading Domes looked like some of the best shopping out there in Uzbekistan for high quality Suzanis, clothes made from Suzanis and handicrafts but unfortunately we didn’t have much time or money left since this was the end of our trip. Avoid Firoza’s Ikats in Lyabi square (although you should take a look at the variety to see what’s out there) because although most of her Ikats were of good quality, they were priced 5-7 times the rates in other markets and I did see ones of similar quality at the Silk and Spices fair in Bukhara. Again, this is one of those overhyped, overpriced places. It seemed to me the blacksmiths in Bukhara also are also good for stork-shaped scissors and decorated daggers (khanjars) - try to buy directly from the craftsman instead of traders. Pictures of the Minzifa store also looked good but we didn’t have the time to visit the store in the 2nd trading dome.


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