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Accomodation in suburbs Empty Accomodation in suburbs

Post by Admin on 25.07.16 8:23

Kyzyl Kum Hotel which should be, according to my guide book, a budget option tucked away in one of Nukus suburbs. It was only possible to find it when the taxi driver phoned the hotel for directions. The best thing is to go to the train station and hail the taxi from there, ask him to call the property and pay USD1.20. The greedy taxi drivers praying on tourists would want USD4 and they'll probably lie to know where the place is.

Then, the hotel isn't a budget option at all. The hotel rates aren't USD15 per person single occupancy as stated in the book, but as USD50! They have even the price list done. Naturally, like everything else in this country, you'd have to negotiate and the price will go down to USD35. Then you'll have to negotiate further and show them that your guide book says USD15 and they should be able to give the room for USD20 with breakfast. Then they used some weird exchange rate and my room for one night bill came to USD13.50. With breakfast. They accept som only and won't exchange USD at black market rate. Activity: see how long it takes you to find the bathroom light switch if you're staying at room 2.

The guide book mentioned marshrutka #78 as handy to get to the hotel. Forget about it as they probably mixed up this service with marshrutka #53 which indeed goes to the bazaar marshrutka stayanka. You can get anywhere from the bazaar marshrutka stayanka, just read or ask around.


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