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Kafe Mazza on B Nakshabandi

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Kafe Mazza on B Nakshabandi Empty Kafe Mazza on B Nakshabandi

Post by Admin on 25.07.16 9:44

Kafe Mazza on B Nakshabandi, west from Lyabi Hauz. Their plov is good, stuffed peppers tasty, but the vegetarian stuffed aubergines are amazing! Of course, no menu in the standard form but they take you to the kitchen and show you what would be on the menu if they had one. Naturally, negotiations needed to get the best value for money. Don't expect them to lower the price significantly, but they'll improve and better the portion if you tell them that in Samarkand you had the same thing for half price etc. This about Samarkand was true btw. I only wanted to have a pick and mix, ie, a stuffed pepper and stuffed aubergine instead of two stuffed peppers and two potatoes.

I went for sunset views from this restaurant terrace immediately north of the square between the Kalon Mosque and medressa. And I had my first turkish coffee since October last year. And the views were beautiful!


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