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Quite a few scams are being pulled by Tajik border guards. They can ask for a fee for the health declaration and customs forms coming into Tajikistan. When exiting, you will be asked for your immigration card: make sure you get one when you enter Tajikistan, border guards tend to forget you need one to avoid scams (you don´t actually need one according to the law it seems if you stay for less than 30 days!).

Cyclists will be asked on exiting where their import document is for the bicycle – you do not need one, of course. Just smile and pretend that it’s all a joke, but don’t pay the bribe. Stand your ground. This post has a good round-up.

Vehicles with Tajik registration are not allowed to enter Uzbekistan, and vehicles with Uzbek license plates entering Tajikistan are subject for tax. In practice, this means there is no cross-border transport. You will have to get transport to the border, cross it on foot and get another vehicle on the other side.

Oybek: Generally straightforward crossing, but guards on the Uzbek side can be troublesome at times, checking your registration, luggage, etc. From Tashkent, you can get a minibus going to Bekobod and get off at Oybek (Chanak). Once across the border, you can take a taxi to Buston, then a minibus to Khojand.

tajik uzbek borderFrom Khojand, local minibus 33 goes directly to the bus station from where taxis and minibuses depart to Buston. Minibus is 7 Somoni, another 4 Somoni for a shared taxi from the Buston bus station to the Oybek border. Bribes may be asked, but you should simply refuse and play dumb.

On the Uzbek side of the Oybek border taxi drivers are waiting. A bit further away on the main road, marshrutkas await. Updates in this post.

Denau – Tursanzade: Open and generally hassle-free border crossing in the middle of wild Central Asian rocky plains. Border works until late: some say 11pm, some say 8 and some say its 24/7. Public transport and shared taxis are available. Direct transport to the border is expensive for solo travellers as route is lightly travelled. Updates in this post.

Uzbekistan -> Tajikistan. Samarkand to border: Shared taxi at the Grebnoy Kanal/Betonka stop outside of the city. 50$ direct to the border for the entire car (7-8 hours). Other taxis will charge 80-90$. Border to Dushanbe: 5-10$ per person direct to hotel in Dushanbe, around 1h drive.

Tajikistan -> Uzbekistan. Zanisar bazzar in Dushanbe to Tursanzade – marshrutka 70mins, 5 TJS. Tursanzade to border: shared taxi, 10 mins, 7 TJS. After immigration, there are limited options, not many people. Border to Denau: shared taxi, 2$. Denau to Samarkand: long wait for a shared taxi, 8hrs.

Konibodom: On the Khojand – Kokand road heading to Fergana Valley. There are plenty of share taxis going from Khujand to Konibodom. From Konibodom, you can take Mashrutka #114 to the border post, which is the end of the line. Once in Uzbekistan you’re really out in the middle of nowhere, only taxis are waiting.

Penjikent: On the road to Samarkand. This crossing has been closed for some time. For people who write to me to double-check, yes, it is closed. There is no quick way to do Samarkand – Dushanbe. Quickest is if you go south via Denau-Tursunzade. Count on 9-12h by public transport.

Bekobod: Currently closed for foreigners.


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