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Post by Admin on 27.07.16 8:38

On entering Turkmenistan you have to pay 12$ entry tax, to be paid in dollars only. The borders are usually closed for lunch. Take about 2 hours to cross any border.

Farap – Alat: Connecting Bokhara with Turkmenabat. Opens at 9am, closes at 8pm. Lunch break between 1pm and 2pm. Shared taxis are available on both sides of the border.

It’s about 1 hour from Turkmenabat to the border. The problem is the pontoon bridge over the Amu Darya, where long queues sometimes cause significant delays – leave on time to be sure you can cross the same day!

On the Uzbek side, taxi drivers want 1 dollar to take you 500m to a shared taxi stand. You can just walk this. A taxi to Bokhara from the border will cost around 25$ for the whole car (you can share this with others).

If you don’t want to spend the night in Turkmenabat, you can sleep at the border (some pay, others manage for free). You can cross when the border opens at 9 and be in Bokhara well before noon.

Shavat – Dashoguz: Connecting Khiva and Urgench with Dashoguz. Border opens 0930. Very quick and easy usually. From the border, a taxi to Khiva can be had for $10 for whole car, $5 a head if 2+ people. On the Turkmen side, shared taxis run between the border and Dashoguz: 3$ is a good price. Haggle, haggle, haggle.

Hojayli – Konye-Urgench: Has reopened (confirmed by travelers May 2016) after a reconstruction in 2015 kept it closed for most of the year. All updates posted here.

Connecting Nukus with Konje-Urgench. Shared taxis from the border to/from Hojayli, Konye-Urgench and Nukus are available. A short taxi ride from Konye-Urgench to the border costs 1$. Once across the border it’s a half-hour drive to Nukus.

Talimardzhan: Bilateral crossing open only for Uzbek and Turkmen citizens. It’s located between Qarshi (UZB) and Atamurat (TRM).

Druzhba – Gazadzhak: Small, little-known border post near Khiva. Not enough information available.


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